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31 August, 2015

Mysore, Heritage City of India

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There are a few aspects that add to the aura of Mysore. For over 500 years Mysore  has been a capital city of the region of the Wodeyar kings who built a large country called the Mysore Kingdom.

Mysore is famous for its palaces, silks and sandalwood. The architecture of the Mysore Palace is a total combination of the Gothic, Hindu, Rajput and Muslim fashion.

One of the most remarkable images of the city is the image of the lighted Mysore Palace against the dark black sky. It takes ninety-seven thousand light bulbs to produce this fascinating image of the Palace. The Palace established in 1912 is in the middle of the city and is a gesture of the beauty of a past era and is today a priceless national treasure.

Devaraja fruit and vegetable market, in Mysore is a colorful experience not to be missed. Make it an early morning visit to experience the colors, sights and sounds of this 100-year-old market.



Explore the city in “Tonga”, the Horse Cart. The Clock tower is a heritage landmark in the heart of Mysore.



Mysore is famous for its Mysore Silk which stands out for its unique weave, smooth texture, genuine quality, gold lace and color. The silk weaving factory in Mysore, Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation was established in the year 1912 by the Maharaja of Mysore province, Naalwadi Krishnaraj Wadiyar. Travelers visiting Mysore make sure to pay a visit to this oldest silk manufacturing unit to witness the beauty of this magical fabric weaved out of yarn from the cocoon.


Originally part of the Mysore Zoo, Karanji lake is a beautiful bird sanctuary in the heart of Mysore city. If you are a nature lover and want to unwind from the bustling crowds of Mysore for a quiet afternoon or evening, this is the place to be! If you are lucky, you should be able to watch the dance of the peacocks.


There is a touch of beauty in everything pertaining to Mysore, thanks to its rich cultural heritage and historic importance.


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