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13 May, 2016

What room does fear have?

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“Fears are nothing more than states of mind.” –Napoleon Hill

 Fear is a feeling we usually try to avoid at all cost. In fact, we fear it! We do whatever it takes to not even get close to this feeling. But, fear isn’t bad at all. All emotions have a positive purpose that serves us.

Have you ever thought about the positive purpose of your fear?

  • Fear means growth and is a signal that you are learning

Far from being a debilitating emotion, fear–when viewed from the right perspective–is actually just a signal that you need to do something. Fear tells us we are moving towards the outskirts of our comfort zone. We are doing something unfamiliar, we are taking on new challenges and learning new skills. 

  • Fear is part of life, and does not need to be eliminated

Maybe the most important lesson is this: we do not need to eliminate fear from our lives. We can welcome it, we can cope with it and we can proceed in spite of it! Fear is a necessary companion; fear is protecting us.

Here is how to embrace our fears, and start living up to our full potential:

  • Get comfortable with fear

Invite fear into your life. When you fear something, move toward it. Feel it, and breathe through it. Do the things that frighten you. Action builds courage. Whatever scary project we want to undertake, the moment we get the ball rolling, fear dissipates. We get so involved in the process that we forget to be scared. It’s magical! Acknowledge the importance of fear, but don’t let fear have control over your creative choices.

  • Make your dominant thoughts positive

Fearful thoughts attract more fear. Positive thoughts attract success. Instead of expecting the worst, train your mind to expect the best. Make positive assumptions about your future.

If you are gripped by fear of darkness, remind yourself that darkness is just the mere absence of light. Are you succumbed to fear of failure? The good news is, failure is the stepping stone to success. Every time we fail at something, we can choose to look for the lesson we’re meant to learn. Replace the fear of unknown with curiosity. Embrace the fear of criticisms by looking for positive takeaways; diverse opinions are what ultimately lead to better outcomes.

  • Believe in Yourself   

Faith is believing what is true. Have faith in yourself and the proof will follow. A mind dominated by positive emotions, becomes a favourable abode for faith. Faith is the only known antidote to failure.

Fear never goes away completely, but you can learn to channel fear as a motivation instead of an excuse for inaction.

What’s your best strategy to embrace fear? How do you make yourself do the things you’re afraid of?






2 thoughts on : What room does fear have?

  • K
    May 17, 2016 at 1:27 pm

    You really have a knack of sending the right kind of message at the right moment. What a thought provoking, wonderful passage! And just what I needed to hear at the moment. I have been rather paralyzed by FEAR and the loss of self confidence for over a month and things have not been easy….so I regard your message very significant. So thank you again.

    • May 17, 2016 at 5:33 pm

      Thank you very much; your support is greatly appreciated. I have learned so much from you as well! Whenever I am paralyzed with fear, I remind myself that “FEAR tells me what I have to do.”

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