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26 June, 2015

5 reasons to visit beautiful Bosnia-Herzegovina

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1. Breathtaking Landscapes: Bosnia-Herzegovina is one of Europe’s most visually striking corners, a land where aquamarine rivers run swift.


The walled town of Pocitelj, a hidden gem on the way to Mostar evolved over the period from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries.

Stop by the several souvenir shops and enjoy the stunning architecture of this charming village wayfaring through the cobbled streets; the walk/climb up the quaint lane to the castle is worth it for the stunning views from the top.

2. A central base to explore the nearby Balkans: Old Town of Blagaj


Old town Blagaj with its ancient fortress on a top of a magnificent cliff overlooking the heart-stirring source of Buna river and tekke-dervish monastery is, on many travel magazines’ “bucket” lists (list of places that you have to visit before you die).

Make your trip unforgettable by having lunch in one of the many restaurants near the source of the water, enjoying the scenery. The perfectly cooked trout accompanied with traditional Bosnian desserts are etched on our memories forever.

Plain beauty, and one of the most relaxing places in Bosnia.

3. Historical Bridge: Old Bridge Area of Mostar, Herzegovina



Fall in love with this historic and iconic landmark of Mostar, the Balkan’s most celebrated bridge and one of the 20 most beautiful bridges in the world which stands out with its majestic stone arch.

Spend an entire evening in this enchanting town of Mostar referred to as the Pearl of Herzegovina to enjoy the very picturesque and spectacular bridge. Watch the sunset to enjoy the colorful sky, the fantastic scenery from every angle and the memorable attractions in the surrounding area savoring the Turkish coffee.

Named after the bridge keepers (natively: mostari) who in the medieval times guarded the Stari Most (Old Bridge) over the river Neretva, Mostar was built by Ottoman empire in XVI century; the old bridge was bombed and completely destroyed during the war in Bosnia in 1993, however, it was rebuilt 10 years later.

There is ample opportunity to learn about its history, destruction and subsequent rebuilding; an undisputed UNESCO heritage site, Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar

4. Diversity of the mesmerizing capital: Sarajevo


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A living history museum, Sarajevo is filled with mosques, cathedrals and government buildings constructed by Austria-Hungarians and Ottoman Turks. Walk through the narrow alleys of the Coppersmith Street in Old Town, bustling with artisans’ workshop. Savor the Bosnian coffee which is bitter and thick as mud served in copper-plated “dzezva” sugar cubes on your tray. Bosnians are renowned for their metalwork. Sarajevo’s Turkish quarter is littered with shops selling handmade coffee sets.

The Tunnel of Hope built under the airport runway became the hope for people in Sarajevo during the war in 1992. The Tunnel connected Sarajevo with the world; today, it is an unusual museum.

5. Food: The Balkans is a fertile region and the dishes are based on fresh produce

Centuries of changing rulers and borders have resulted in a flavorful mix of culinary influence – Turkish, Austrian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean – as well as similarities with Romanian and Bulgarian kitchens, too.

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