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29 June, 2015

Master the world cuisine from Planet Eat-in!

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Food is the universal language. It serves as a natural gateway to a more profound understanding of culture, history, people, and place.

One of the unique aspects of travel is the luxury to taste all those new foods around the world, broaden your culinary horizon and feel more connected to people.

Through our learning experience, unique recipes are gathered from all the continents. Relish the joy of discovering new recipes with amazing flavors and textures.

Be a culinarian effortlessly with our delectable, nutritious and wholesome dishes right in your kitchen! 

All the recipes here are tried and tested in our kitchen and those that are not ours have been given due credit. The recipes in Planet Eat-in come from various sources; family, friends, wonderful people whom we have met and connected from all over the world, cookbooks, magazines, various blogs and websites which are adapted.

A great meal transcends all cultural boundaries; sharing the food of your host country is the best way to connect with people, the land, and culture. What would you like to share?

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