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12 July, 2015

Fresh Beet Puree

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Use this beautiful beet puree to your cake as a food dye if you want to make anything with a red velvet hue, a heavenly color.

Ingredientsbeets inn pan_Fotor (P)

2 medium-sized beets



  • Cut the stems and roots off and run under water to remove any dirt.
  • Place in a pot and cover beets with water. Boil over medium heat for 30 minutes or until beets pierce easily with a fork, they will still be a little firm.
  • Rinse the beets with cold water,  reserve the water the beets boiled in. Once the beets are cool enough to handle, gently rub the skins with your fingers and the skins will peel off easily.peeled cooked beets_Fotor(p)
  • Chop the beets and place them in a food processor add the liquid leftover from boiling the beets to pulse into a smooth puree. Pulse until beets are very smooth.
  • Use the puree immediately or freeze in desired sizes.cooked beets in blender_Fotor

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