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Health and Wellness services

  • Private Counselling/Coaching

    Emotional awareness, compassion and empathy are my strengths. I can step into the shoes of another person, understand their feelings and perspectives. A strong empathic bond is created by making myself vulnerable to people I connect with.
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  • Workshops / Training / Mentoring

    I WANT TO SEE OTHERS SUCCEED! I provide nutrition education, workshops and opportunities to learn about healthy eating and physical activity behaviours. I encourage women find their voices as trailing expat spouses by running my Lean In Circle impACT: encouraging, empowering and motivating women achieve their ambitions through planning, organizing and leading workshops.
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  • Online Coaching/Counselling

    I am highly attuned to other people’s emotions. In one-on- one conversations, people feel comfortable in opening to me because it feels like they get me. I am highly empathetic to what others are feeling. With my excellent Interpersonal skills, I can easily connect with strangers as I am able to challenge prejudices and discover commonalities. Reach me via Skype-ask me anything!
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About Me

If I were to describe myself in ONE sentence…. I am extremely passionate about everything I do especially when it comes to helping, supporting, encouraging and inspiring people. My strengths and core values are compassion, empathy and creativity. I can come up with innovative ways to support clients providing emotional and moral support as well as practical solutions.

I am Dr. Rubina Rahiman- an educator, health and wellness coach, and a counsellor.

Making a difference is my mission ……. give unconditional compassion and warmth to people who are in need. I am able help, coach, counsel, and guide others to live life fully in the moment with a healthy dose of realism mixed with imagination and dreams- all things are POSSIBLE if one sets their mind to finding an answer- DREAM BIG!

About Planet Eat-In

We belong to the world; we identify ourselves as global citizens, our lifestyle reflects our worldliness.
How do you identify yourself? Can we make this world a better place to live in?


Welcome to our blog where we will walk you through our mission of using the world as our classroom.


Enjoy reading our blog Planet Eat In while we learn together!
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  • "When I think of Rubina, I not only see a person with deep knowledge at various levels but also a human being that can inspire you with her open-mind, compassion, creativity and empathy." -M.S

  • "She is a living testament of conquering fears and embracing her potentials to the fullest." -K.I

  • "Rubina encourages people to live their dreams, love their lives and feel the joy in every step they take." -Dr. H

  • "When she speaks, you feel her energy and warm words" -T.B

  • "A caring, compassionate, empathetic and welcoming individual which would bode well with the many families facing the challenges." -R.J

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