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“I have met Rubina through our joint interest in the professional women empowerment circle (Lean In) in the Hague, the Netherlands (2015-2016). Rubina has shown the following qualities when I worked with her 1. Her dedication on all practical matters and knowledge concerning trailing spouses. She was a source of knowledge on trailing spouse and family matters in the Lean in circle and was always willing to share her extensive knowledge on these matters. She organised many materials on these matters digitally on the Lean In circle for all to enjoy. And shared them offline (Face to face) as well. 2. Her ability to bring together and inspire other trailing spouses. For instance: She has organised my training on 'finding a new job as a trailing spouse' last year, whilst she herself was preparing to leave for her next country. She manages to bring a safe environment to talk and discuss matters for trailing spouses in any space and time where she is.”


“I met Rubina during our posting in the Netherlands. She is a dedicated wife and mother to four beautiful children always promoting their wellbeing. She thoroughly enjoys travelling and cooking which is reflected in her blog. I can vouch for her cooking skills as I have been lucky enough to attend a few of her hosted events. During her time in the Netherlands she had a passion for promoting women's aspirations and wellbeing, therefore created a Lean In Circle - “Impact" for expat women, which she was the moderator. During the Lean In meetings she would arrange team building exercises and icebreakers to enable the group to perform to their ability. The purpose of “Impact" was to maximise on individuals full potential in achieving their goals and overcome obstacles, to which Rubina was an invaluable support and inspiration. She also held workshops that covered specific topics - “finding your voice” by Maike Harmsen. The achievements from the women in the group shows evidence of how successful "Impact" was and continues to be. Rubina has the capacity to inspire, support and lead. She is a caring, compassionate, empathetic and welcoming individual which would bode well with the many families facing the challenges.”


“I worked together with Rubina via our Lean in Circle community in The Hague. Rubina was the initiator of the group and through her strong networking skills, she brought together different women from different backgrounds for the purpose of connection and self- development. She was able to identify a core need and recruit likeminded individuals to seek out solutions to meet that need. By doing so, she exhibited leadership, project management and influencing skills. She also demonstrated training and capacity development capabilities. Rubina, has a warm and open personality and a creative spirit that is open to new ideas. She is constantly seeking out new and collaborative ways to improve on the status quo.


“There are some individuals who have made significant impact in my life, and Rubina Rahiman is definitely one of them. Although the actual amount of time we spent together is brief (she now lives far away!), we are still connected in a way that we can talk about anything; our aspirations, deepest fears, and what it means to strive higher and have courage. Rubina has a rare quality of disarming people with her optimism and friendliness. She is definitely “the glass is still half full “ person, although she is no stranger to depression and discouragements in her past. She is a living testament of conquering fears and embracing her potentials to the fullest. When I met Rubina, I was still “the glass is already half empty” person, because I was suffocating from my insecurities and fears; my biggest enemy and ghost. Not a “wise advice” or sermon, but with her compassion, warmth, and seriousness, Rubina listened attentively to my story. With her gentle push on my back, I took a big step by coming to terms with my own fear of failure, and decided to fully embrace my dream. I have been pursuing my goals ever since, and am indeed a changed person. I know we will continue to connect with each other, and it is a great feeling to know that someone out there cares, and understands you. Hope, faith, and love…..Rubina Rahiman has them all.”


“I know Rubina through school because our sons were classmates. But even if not, I would certainly have made an acquaintance with her and become her friend because she has a positive glow, big smile and shining eyes, which make you feel positive too! And when she speaks, you feel her energy and warm words. She invited me to her house several times for proper chats and, she was the host of a seminar "Finding Your Voice". Rubina is an example and inspiring person for me in many ways, ... in her role as a lovingly mother of 4 children, and her efforts in remaining ongoing developments of her professional skills. She is a doctor, an educator, and a counselor (psychologist), and last but not the least a loving mother. What next, Rubina?”


““I remember Ruby as a dear friend whom you can trust. Her ability to assimilate all the knowledge that comes her way and use it wisely for the wellbeing of those around is great. She really tries to understand the problem and lead the person in need to a better perspective about life. "Take life as simple as it is, enjoy the beauty of the world around you, go out of your comfort zone and learn new things as you go on". This is how she goes and spills her love, laughter, knowledge, and courage to the ones around her. Encouraging people to live their dreams, love their life and feel the joy in every step they take. Wishing her success in her new endeavor and let the joy she emits come back to her as a blessing of the almighty.”

-Dr. H

“What arrives immediately in my mind thinking about Dr Rubina Rahiman is her true smile together with her consistency. Our children are close friends, so I could see directly her incredible qualities put in practice and work effectively. With her creativity she has a special talent in finding innovative ways to empower and valorize people around her. She’s really able to tune on to the wavelength of other persons, understands their perspectives and feelings…..her warm eyes are rich of strong empathy. Being deeply passionate, she’s able to give unconditional compassion combined with truth and realism, giving worth to people with enthusiasm. I could experiment her great ability in making healthy, and nutritious food. I could realize that her awareness and knowledge will let her achieve her goals. Above all, she helps people achieve their own goals too. Wonderful friend you’re very special, with you the world is a better place to live, and I feel honored to see the beautiful work you’re doing on our planet. Thank you very much indeed!”


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