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Making a difference is our mission ……. YOUR place to discover Health and Wellness

We have been passionately globetrotting; moved from the US to Canada, and then to the land of windmills and tulips- the Netherlands, and now to commence a new journey and adventure in Kuwait City!

I am Dr. Rubina Rahiman, a trained Montessori teacher, home-schooling advisor, writer, Cambridge certified English language teacher and a mompreneur with a background in Medicine.

Currently, I am self-employed at Planet Eat-In working as a Health and Wellness Coach. I also encourage women finding their voices as trailing expat spouses by running my Lean In circle impACT: http://leanincircles.org/circle/impact#memberlist.

I am collaborating with prominent youth organizations in promoting awareness of health and wellness targeting youth at the International schools.


Promote awareness on the topics related to Health and Wellness to make a difference in the world!

We belong to the world; we identify ourselves as global citizens, our lifestyle reflects our worldliness. How do you identify yourself? Can we make this world a better place to live in? How? Welcome to our blog where we will walk you through our mission of using the world as our classroom.

Enjoy reading the blog Planet Eat-in while we learn together!

Thank you very much. Happy reading!!

Rubina Rahiman